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Our mission

We facilitate through various means the development of a dynamic and informed European NGO community able to educate and support people, youth and adults, in personal and professional development, active citizenship, human rights and inclusion, eco-sustainability and economic progress.

About us

EUROACTIVE is a Non-Profit Association born in 2019 with the main purpose of producing positive changes at the European level.

We do this by:

  • implementing local and international projects, exchanges, training courses, conferences, events, festivals, seminars, debates and public manifestation.
  • creating strategic partnerships with other NGOs, public and private actors in the field of education, economic development, human rights, and eco-sustainability.
  • developing programs and campaigns on environmental protection, preserving customs, traditions and cultural heritage, promoting ecotourism, tourism, ecological and artistic education, and European Union values.
  • designing, developing and editing educational materials, in printed and electronic format, in various fields of training and information addressed to all ages.

Our logo represents our beliefs, as it follows:

The three horizontal lines are about Our Vision:

We Care, We Share, We Do!

The two circles (inside/outside) symbolize Our Goal:

To empower people finding the inner power to change for good the outer world.



European Union was born as a “response” to the largest humanitarian crisis the world has ever known – the World Wars. And in a very short time, it became a beacon of stability and peace. But people tend to forget the wars… the tyrannies… the hunger.

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Work fields


We create and organize projects and activities, aimed to form and develop young people and adults in order to meet the needs of the community.

Active citizenship

We build trust and understanding at European level by supporting people to take action on issues they care about in accordance with the European values and beliefs. 

mother earth

We support our planet by organizing eco-campaigns and informing sessions about global warming, pollution, deforestation, and recycling.

human rights

We promote and organize activities to combat social exclusion and human rights abuses at the level of European society.

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In this section, you can find out more about our local and international projects.


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speak movement

We have launched two online campaigns – “Say NO” and “Say YES” aimed to produce positive changes in our communities.

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