Fast Cattle Medicine Delivery for Remote Farms 


Online Service Platform for Arranging Fast  24/7 delivery of drugs needed specific for each animal farm.


Vitamins and Diet Supplies

Pharmaceuticals for health issues

What is the Problem?

Multiple drugs and supplies

Slow delivery time

Limited quantity

Special delivery conditions

Expensive process

We have the solution!


Group & categorization

Smart delivery network & automatic reorder

24/7 availability 

Special vehicles of delivery

Reduced total expenses

Who is HappyMOO for?





Agricultural seminars and conferences

Farm websites / magazines

FUll Service delivery

Marketing Plan

In order to achieve our goals, we will have to advertise our products in all the directions and means of doing so, going to and from all the people that would need them.

Who is HappyMOO?

Irem Aksoy

Irem Aksoy


In charge of Drugs Research & general health needs.

George Papanaklis

George Papanaklis

Mechanical Engineer

In charge of shipping vehicles and infrastructure.

Sofia Andrikou

Sofia Andrikou

Electrical and Computer Engineer

In charge of the construction of the digital service.

Calin Boldea

Calin Boldea

Professional Idiot/Financial

In charge of economic plans and supplies.


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