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United we stand, divided we fall. 

In peace, in safety and in freedom, we stay united!

In happiness, in joy and glory, we stay united!

In crisis, chaos and in panic, we stay united!

In pain, in hanger and disaster, we stay united!

In change, in trial and unknown, we stay united!

Because united, we will rise again!

In peace, in safety and in freedom…

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A Letter from the Board

Dear friends,

We are living times of turmoil… as never before in EU history. A virus – this time a real one – is hitting hard our beliefs, our way of life, our unity.

European Union was born as a “response” to the largest humanitarian crisis the world has ever known – the World Wars. And in very short time it became a beacon of stability and peace. But people tend to forget the wars… the tyrannies… the hunger. And unfortunately, “Homō hominī lupus est.” (A man is a wolf to another man) – rise again as a reality. Usually – a common enemy leads to unity. Apparently, not this time…

Over 50 years of prosperity and freedom are now at great risk – as nationalism, hate, isolationism are becoming more and more “embraced” by the people. Fake news, reckless and power-hungry politicians, fear, depression, financial and medical crisis, etc. – all these lead to unprecedented barriers between people and nations. But YOU – young people from Europe – should break these barriers. You, who have friends all over Europe, should keep our big family united. You, who knows better than anyone that Europe is our home.

And now – we must fight for it. For our Europe! For UNITY! 

We are the future! All of us..

Let’s all #bEUnited!

Euroactive Group

How can you help?

Let’s show the world what the EU means for us! Help us to spread this message about unity:

  • Use #bEUnited frame on your Facebook profile picture;
  • Write a message on social media, your site, your blog, etc. or even as a comment – to support the EU values and spirit. Use #bEUnited as hashtag;
  • You can take a picture, write a story, draw a poster, play a drama, anything you can imagine… Post it on social media or/and send it to us, so we can share it on Euroactive NGO website and social media. Use #bEUnited as hashtag or/and the logo of the movement: DOWNLOAD LOGO;
  • Temporarily change the banner on your Facebook page with this one, so we can show the world that we believe in unity and the European Union: DOWNLOAD HEADER.

 #bEUnited! #beEuroactive #stayhome

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