Ecotourism Ventures for Youth Environmental Education


26th of June 2022 – 8th of July 2022  –  Youth Exchange 

Romania, Greece, Bulgaria

About the project


ECOVENTURE was a project that managed to connect young people with the nature, taught them how to respect their planet and how to create a better environment through ecological activities.

This project started from a global problem, namely the problem of conserving the natural environment and the need to slow down the process of global warming. We wanted to contribute to educating young people as agents of change on environmental issues, transforming them into more aware and involved individuals. The project aimed to combine the needs of young people with sustainable development goals, while supporting the European Union’s climate objectives by promoting ecotourism and sustainable behaviors among youth.

We aimed to transform young people into eco-influencers by developing an online platform to promote ecotourism in our local communities in Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, but not only. Through physical participation and the development of digital tools, participants discovered ecotourism as a unique opportunity for mutual cultural exchanges between local communities and tourists. 

Project objectives

Increasing the level of involvement of the 24 young people in actions to protect the environment, by participating in ecological activities specific to the project and increasing the level of awareness regarding climate issues.

Changing the consumption habits of the 24 young people by getting acquainted with methods of sustainable tourism in local communities.

Developing the leadership skills of the 24 young people, by sharing their own examples of approaching a sustainable behavior, promoting ecological practices and ecotourism, with the help of a blog that they will create during the project.

What we did?

This project we gathered 24 young people from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, together with 6 group leader and one facilitator to spend two weeks in nature.

During the project, the group decided to approach sustainable tourism in different ways in each country. In Romania, the focus was on wild camping, in Bulgaria – organized camping where participants cooked for themselves, and in Greece – organized camping with a budget allocated for each participant to eat at local restaurants. The experience in each country was unique and aimed to promote different forms of sustainable tourism.

Participants spent their time in nature, learning to live in harmony with each other and the environment. They had to work together to set up camp, prepare meals, and keep the area clean. Through this experience, they developed civic involvement skills and gained a deeper understanding of ecotourism and its potential to promote mutual understanding between local communities and tourists.

It was a great opportunity to learn how to protect the environment while sharing unforgettable experiences with each other.

Project Results

While participating in this project, the participants stepped out of their small communities and connected with other young people from different countries. They encountered intercultural challenges, which they successfully overcame, boosting their level of self-confidence. They also broke down language barriers and built strong group cohesion based on European values. The young people became aware of the importance of international collaboration in addressing global environmental issues. They familiarized themselves with eco-friendly practices and learned how to use the internet as a powerful tool. They also improved their leadership skills and developed a sense of civic responsibility, actively engaging in addressing both personal and societal issues. They sharpened their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and formed relationships that transcended national boundaries, becoming active members of a global community working towards protecting the environment.

The concrete results of the project include 15 articles that illustrate the experience of the young people in the project, promote sustainable tourism, and ecological education. Also, we created a video, as a result of our flash-mob activity, which is a powerful representation of the message we want to share with the world. It showcases the beauty of sustainable tourism and the importance of environmental education in a visually stunning and engaging way. The footage captures the spirit of the project and the energy of the young participants, making it a truly inspiring and memorable experience for all who watch it.

Our Experience on Words

Ecoventure – My first Erasmus+ project

Ecoventure – My first Erasmus+ project

The “Ecoventure” project wasn’t something I was able to explain in a sentence when I met for a coffee with my friends after coming back. It was an adventure, it was something new and exciting that came to me out of nowhere and without even having the time to process it fully…until a few days after it was over.

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Ecoventure – Flash-mob – The story of a planet in danger

Ecoventure – Flash-mob – The story of a planet in danger

We got to work… One morning amidst our adventures in Greece, we all gathered for a brainstorming session. What we had were a bunch of people, tons of ideas, a lot of enthusiasm. Of course, we had to make use of all our resources, including the beach right in front of our camping and the drone we had with us…

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The project „Ecoventure – Ecotourism Ventures for Youth Environmental Education” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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