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Escape for Human Rights

Escape for Human Rights is a Solidarity Project founded by European Solidarity Corps which aim to promote human rights among young people. We use in this regard the escape rooms method. The main idea of ​​an escape room is that a team of players must solve several puzzles and find a way out of the room. While doing this, the players follow a story. In our rooms, this story will promote human rights by illustrating examples of their violation, which will be revealed at every step that players take to escape the room. After the youth group “escapes” a reflection session takes place in which the young people will be able to better analyze the story behind the room and will be able to connect it to the daily realities.

Writing Peace

Writing Peace was a training course founded by Erasmus+ Programme who involved 35 of youth workers, social workers and all kinds of educators from 7 different countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Italy, North Macedonia and Romania) with the purpose of learning to apply techniques and elements of creative writing at their daily work with young people from different backgrounds.

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