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Youth Exchange

  • Date: 14-22 July 2021
  • Where: Osijek, Croatia
  • Project Co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme and European Union

About the Project

Although there has been some positive change in this regard, the women and girls in the European union experience persistent gender discrimination and gender-based violence. This severely limits the ability of women and girls to enjoy their rights and to participate on an equal footing in society.


1. Contribute to young people’s understanding of gender discrimination
The topic of the project focuses on the point in question and will help participants learn about gender discrimination, especially towards women. Young people will get a better grasp of the topic by learning about the stereotypes and prejudice related to the topic, their causes and the possible ways to stop them.

2. Learn about film, especially the portrayal of women and the impact the movie industry has on the treatment of women
Aside from reflecting reality, the entertainment industry also shapes how people perceive reality. The constant sexualization of women in the media reflects on their status among their peers. Especially with young people that are very susceptible to the messages the entertainment industry conveys. The participants will learn to critically review the art and fiction in the media and become aware of the negative aspects of this media (i.e. setting unrealistic beauty standards for girls and women). The participants will analyze many different pieces of art and try to find similarities in regards to the topic.

3. Reduce abusive relationships and domestic violence
Every European country has a certain degree of violence against women. Most often, the abuser in question is their romantic partner. Even though it’s the most common form of relationship abuse, it is not the only one. It is also present in the same-sex
relationships and sometimes with women abusing men. We want to address the phenomenon and it’s causes in order to educate young people about the issue and motivate them to recognize and react to it in their personal surroundings.

4. Learn about responsible sexual behavior
Aside from the importance of contraception, we will focus on the issue on consent and cover different topics like porn addiction and revenge porn (sharing nude images of a person without their consent). In many cases, consent for sexual acts is assumed, and the perpetrator does not consider his action to be rape (i.e. if the partner is not able to give consent due to drugs or alcohol). This needs to be made clear, because raising awareness of these issues lowers the chance of them occurring.

Participant’s profile:

  • Has between 18 and 25 years old;
  • Has Romanian Nationality or Residency;
  • Presents knowledge / interest in the topic;
  • Is motivated to participate in this youth exchange;
  • Is open to diversity and interculturality;
  • Assume that they will share with others the knowledge, attitudes and abilities learned, and that they will be actively involved in all stages of the project;
  • Digital competencies and skills in video editing are a bonus.

Group leaders:

  • No age limit;
  • Have interpersonal and communication skills, team spirit, strategic thinking oriented to results;
  • Promote a positive attitude at the group level;
  • Have coordination, planning and organization skills;
  • Have an advanced level of English;
  • Have experience in volunteering, non-formal education and youth;
  • Have competences to evaluate the learning process of young people.


  • Fitting in the participants’ profile;
  • Motivation to participate and the quality of the application;
  • Euroactive NGO volunteers and the members of the communities we are activating in have priority;
  • Gender balance;
  • Priority will be given to young people with fewer opportunities and young people who have not participated in the Erasmus + program until now.

Deadline to apply: 7th of May 2021

Number: 4 participants + 1 group leader (18+ years old)


1. The participation costs (accommodation, food, materials etc.) will be covered by the organisers. Also, the transportation will be reimbursed according with the attached Info-pack and Erasmus+ regulations (maximum 275 euro/participant). If covid tests will be necessary, they will be co-financed from the travel budget as long as the total amount does not exceed the allocated budget/participant. 

2. The selected candidates must advance the amounts necessary to cover the transport costs to the place of the course, using the cheapest means of transportation: flight ticket (economy class, low cost), train ticket (2nd class), bus, car etc. 

3. Travel insurance is mandatory and must be covered from your own expense.

4. An amount of 25 euro will be perceived by the sending organisation as a co-financing of the participant to the project (not applied to young people with fewer opportunities).

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