Kultura na STO%

We write this article as Romania’s representatives in the Erasmus+ project “Kultura na Sto%” in Drobin, Poland.

After a week full of events and activities in an intercultural setting, our project has come to an end. It was a journey surrounded by new knowledge, lots of fun and countless connections that hopefully will last for a long time or even forever. Each day and activity brought us closer and closer as a group and made us more aware of the world around us and the cultures of each of us. Amid all the problems that are taking place right now, this project has been for us not only a breath of fresh air that has disconnected us from everyday stress but also an opportunity to see how people think and live in different corners of the world.

At a first glance, we expected to create strong links, learn and understand European people and cultures, and create new perspectives on our future as European citizens. Of course, all our expectations were met, giving us a sense of fulfilment and success, managing to create a unified and homogeneous group in such a short amount of time. Henceforth, even though for some of us this youth exchange depicted our first Erasmus+ experience, we all worked together and tried out best to complete another fantastic project. All in all, we went home with a plethora of emotions and feelings. The sadness of leaving this place is mixed with the joy of the awareness of the good fortune we had to meet. By all means, there are promises and hopes that we will see each other again one day. We are excited about everything that has happened here and deeply grateful for this opportunity.

It’s fair to say that Erasmus+ puts forward a new life vision, changing lives and opening minds. All things considered, be prepared for adventures you have never imagined before, for new friendships that will last a lifetime, and for amazing things yet to be discovered. The world around you takes on a different form and you will be shocked at how different what you thought you knew might be. You will learn from the experiences of others, explore new parts of yourself, and thus, non-formal education will be your new lifestyle!

As a final word, trust us – Erasmus+ is an experience you don’t want to miss!

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