or how can a problem be REAL and COMPLEX at the same time

18th – 25th of October 2022 – Căpățâneni, Romania
Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

On short

Our project aimed to bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop strategies to prevent and counter radicalization in their communities. Through interactive workshops, team-building activities, and cultural exchange, participants gained a deeper understanding of the root causes of radicalization and explored ways to promote peace, tolerance, and understanding.

The activities were designed to empower young people with the tools and knowledge they needed to become agents of change and promote a more inclusive and harmonious society.

The project was implemented by a consortium of seven organizations from different countries, namely Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, North Macedonia and Greece.

Overall, the project was a valuable opportunity for young people to learn from each other, build meaningful connections, and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the complex issue of radicalisation in a constructive and effective way. But let’s dig deeper into our project experience!

The main goal of the project was to reduce Radicalism and Extremism among Youth…

But how?

1. By cultivating young people’s objective, moderate, factual critical thinking

2. By raising awareness of the social, economic, cultural, and educational mechanisms behind the situations of radicalism and extremism

3. By increasing young people’s motivation to get involved in promoting the reduction of extremism and radicalism in society

During the project we implemented a wide range of activities designed to achieve our goals

Like what?

1. Workshops and discussions on the mechanisms behind radicalism and extremism, and the differences between radicalism and the notions of equity, equality, and privilege.

2. Cultural exchanges and team-building activities that foster intercultural dialogue and understanding.

3. Opportunities to explore the local community and learn about its history and culture.

4. Reflection and evaluation sessions to help participants consolidate their learning and plan for future action.

Project Results

During the project, the participants worked on creating a variety of visual materials to raise awareness about the issue of radicalization. They produced a total of 14 infographics and 6 videos that provided information and insights into the root causes and consequences of radicalization, as well as strategies to prevent it.

The infographics were designed to be visually appealing and easy to understand, with a focus on conveying information in a clear and concise manner. Each infographic covered a different aspect of radicalization, such as the role of social media, the impact of discrimination, and the importance of community engagement. The infographics were shared on social media and other online platforms to reach a wider audience and promote discussion about the issue.

The videos created by the participants were also a powerful tool to convey the message of the project. They covered a variety of topics related to radicalization, such as the importance of education, the need for greater community involvement, and the role of young people in promoting peace and understanding.

Is there more?

Yes, we cannot let you without some impressions from the participants. 

This Erasmus+ project was my first and boy was it the best thing that ever happened to me. I gained so much knowledge regarding so many relevant topics that consider me and the rest of the world directly. I had a blast with all the participants and facilitators, earned new friendships, and so much experience and lessons that would be very valuable in my personal and professional life onward.

I really enjoyed everything and how well the project was implemented, it truly is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to hopping on the train and going to many more projects and even perhaps, who knows? I want to strive towards writing and executing projects myself.

Thanks for everything!


Erasmus+… It was my first ever Erasmus+ project and I can’t be grateful enough for whatever led to me participating in the “Radical (-1)” project! The whole experience was more than amazing, with every aspect of it being very unique and new to me.

Education-wise, this was one of my most productive experiences and this is due to the way the project was structured. I didn’t find myself, at any point during the project, being bored, zoning out, or anything like that, every activity was very engaging and more focused on the practice side of things. Not to mention the opportunity to meet such amazing and open-minded people and learn more about their cultures and different points of view.

In the end, I can say that I can recommend the Erasmus+ experience to literally everyone as I loved every second and aspect of it and I am sure that it would be a valuable experience for anyone.


For me, all I went through in this project were incredible experiences. At first, I didn’t want to come because I couldn’t speak English, thinking that I would be left behind. But all energy and activities to get to know each other left this thought behind. I gained experience in explaining myself somehow.

Although I fell behind in the activities of radicalism and extremism, I learned something about these issues. I have experienced that I can be in a group at a table with people from different nationalities and work on a common denominator.

At Abigail’s Tale and at the agree and disagree event, I experienced that my opinions might change. In the photo interpretation activity, I experienced that we can create a text that reflects a photograph with different perspectives of four people without seeing the full background of the picture and a lot of things like these.

But the most important thing for me was the bonds of friendship I established.

All my tears from the last night were for them.


This Erasmus+ project was an amazing experience and a great opportunity for me to learn more about Radicalization and Extremism. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself, but, with these kinds of opportunities, I can say my social skills increased, my creativity flourished and my knowledge had become vaster.

Also, I wanna thank the facilitators, because they were really understanding and respectful.


My name is Evgenija and as part of the Macedonian team, I had the privilege to participate in the Youth Exchange “RADICAL (-1)” that took place in Căpățâneni, Romania.

The workshops and activities in the project required a lot of teamwork and communication. They were very interactive and we were able to implement our debating and presenting skills. We had the opportunity to expand our knowledge and dive more deeply into the topic of radicalism and extremism, mainly focused on reducing it among young people.

The whole group of participants was very communicative and open to new friendships. And having been in such a welcoming environment we all bonded so well. It was an amazing scene seeing people from seven countries, mix together, making a safe place to learn, be creative, and mostly be ourselves. And through youth exchanges like this one, you come to realize that love, respect, friendship, and solidarity are the base of it.

This was a remarkable experience that will stay engraved on my heart forever. Once Erasmus, always Erasmus.


An amazing experience for good memories. I’ve met so many cool people that I’m still in contact with. This project was more than good with the activities that we were doing. There was a time for knowledge, meeting, playing, and even free time haha. Everyone should try this at least once in their life. It’s life-changing.


On numbers

The project “RADICAL (-1) or how can a problem be REAL and COMPLEX at the same time”, was financed with the support of the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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