Say NO

to Plastic Bottles


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

The aim of this campaign is to reduce the overuse of plastic bottles through a simple action made by people. 

What to do.. 

  1. Buy a reusable bottle and take a picture with it. If you already have one, just use it 😀
  2. Upload it on Facebook using #showmeyourbottle and #speakmovement hashtags.
  3. Challenge two of your friends to do the same. 
  4. Use in the description the link and the motto of our campaign – “Say NO to Plastic Bottles!”

Why to do it?

  • 15 000 bottles are thrown every minute
  • 40% of marine species and 66% of sea birds are affected by marine pollution
  • Plastic bottles take 450 years to breakdown, fragmenting into smaller plastic that impact the food chain
  • Basically, every piece of plastic that was ever made still exist in some shape or form
  • Plastic doesn’t decompose, it just gets smaller, what makes it 1 million times more toxic for biodiversity
  • 50% of plastic we use, we use it just once and throw it away
  • Plastic constitutes 90% of all trash floating on ocean’s surface
  • In 30 years, researchers estimate that our oceans will contain more plastic by volume than fish.

A Letter from the Board

Maybe is a strange way to start this campaign, but we would like to point out that plastic is not poison as we started to think about it, but a material that brought huge benefits to this world. Plastic has shaped our development as a society: it’s versatile, strong, flexible, heat resistant, handy, light and cheap, characteristics that made it the most successful materials of the second half of the 20th century.

We are surrounded by it and we could not imagine our lives without it. We have it in our homes, cars, clothes, hospitals, supermarkets, everywhere. And it definitely make our life better!

  • Used in packaging, plastic keeps the food fresh for a longer period of time which reduces waste by reducing the amount of spoiled food;
  • Plastic packaging protects food, medicine, and other products from contamination and germs when it is displayed and handled;
  • Because plastic is both lightweight and durable it is used in transportation, lightening the weight of cars and trucks and making them more fuel-efficient, by this understanding a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Plastics also make vehicles safer and more comfortable. The seat cushions, air bags, bumpers, dashboards are all made of plastic;
  • Plastics increase the efficiency and hygiene of medicine, preemie incubators, bandages, hygienic medical packaging, syringes, all helping us to reduce disease transmission. We also use plastic heart valves, plastic prosthesis, plastic catheters and balloons, eyeglass lenses etc. which practically help people to recover their lives.
  • Plastic also revolutionized electronics transforming them into more lightweight and affordable products, saving in the same time energy.

So, in a way, plastic is amazing, in another way, plastic is polluting our oceans, killing wildlife, and damaging our health. But actually, not the plastic is the “killer”, but the people.

  • We overuse it – since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced worldwide.
  • We do not recycle it – only 9% of it has been recycled.
  • We do not care – we throw our plastic everywhere so, every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. 

To conclude, the believe of our organization is that extremist approach of total banning the plastic is not the way, but people to become responsible and aware of their actions and try to change the everyday habits in an eco-friendly manner for our planet sake. Because, we, as individual, can do it!


The present campaign is a follow-up of the project “Act for Nature”, an Erasmus+ youth exchange project which gathered 30 young people from 6 countries (Estonia, Turkey, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Romania ) and took place in in youth suburban camp Vihasoo, located in the Lahemaa National Park. The project was developed by Erasmus+ Network Estonia and ACD LA Hoya and was facilitated together with Turkish organisation Youth Eurasia.
The aim of the project was to encourage young people to actively contribute and raise awareness to environmental protection as well as eco-friendly solutions with creative activities in their local communities.

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