Senior Courses UP – a project to help combat digital exclusion among elderly population

We are very happy to announce our new project aimed at combating digital exclusion among elderly people and adults with fewer opportunities. 

The Seniors Courses UP will take place from February 2022 to June 2023 and is designed to counteract the digital exclusion of elderly people by creating a mobile application to help them expand their digital competencies.

The ongoing pandemic has forced a shift to remote work, resulting in the dependence of digitally excluded people on others for help or further exclusion. The main goal of the Seniors Courses UP project is to provide elderly people with the necessary skills to efficiently use mobile devices and other digital tools.

As part of the project activities, a kick-off meeting, meetings with seniors to gather feedback, a technical meeting, recruiting educators, training for educators, and dissemination conferences will take place. The project aims to reach a total of over 500 participants, including seniors, educators, employees of the organizations involved, and technicians responsible for the development of the application. The project will also include people with disabilities and those facing social, economic and geographical barriers.

The results of the project will include a mobile application for the Android system, a case study to monitor the impact of the project on the quality of life of seniors, a complementary survey, good practices, and a collection of research and good practices in the form of a report.

We will do our best to have a significant impact not only on its direct recipients but also on decision-makers, people involved in the activation of elderly people, and researchers dealing with the subject of excluded people. 

The Seniors Courses UP  is an important step in addressing the digital exclusion of elderly people and ensuring they have access to the tools and skills needed to participate in the modern world.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ program. 

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