Shape Your Future

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

21-29 November 2021 – Esztergom, Hungary


Our Objectives

The main goal of the youth exchange was to tackle youth unemployment problems, inform, motivate and enable youngsters to work on that topic in their countries, as well as equip them with experience, knowledge, and skills to easily enter the labour market. The project targeted youngsters who faced unemployment, had bad experiences with job interviews, or wanted to start working on youth employment projects within their organizations.

Henceforth, the main objectives of the youth exchange were:

to encourage the creation of future projects within the Erasmus + Programme

to reflect on unemployment situation of youth in Europe

to develop skills and knowledge of youngsters in the process of getting a job

to encourage youth’s desire and skills for entrepreneurship

Activity Programme

The activities that we had planned for implementing our project were based on methods of non-formal education. Different workshops and activities were meant to help participants to develop their skills of leadership, tolerance, and self-awareness, whereas team-building activities and ice breakers helped participants create a strong group atmosphere.
Moreover, the participants were given the chance to organize initiatives and offer different activity ideas, collaborate with the facilitators, and, in case of confirmation, organize an activity with their help. Thus, they were given the freedom to creativity and initiative and ensure high involvement of participants in every stage of the project.


Our youth got valuable information and gained the necessary knowledge and practical skills to transfer to peers in their local communities, learning a plethora of CV and Motivation letter writing techniques, hints to pass a job interview, working with E-Job databases, what Youthpass is, how to create a Europass – European Skills Passport (CV and Europass Language Passport), how to work with career centres, and many others.

We are more than confident to affirm that this Youth Exchange stimulated young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship, and employability through theoretical input from experts and participants. After coming back home, the participants were responsible to transfer their knowledge to their peers and young people involved in their organizations. Finally, each participant was supposed to educate 10 more young people back in their country on the discussed topics.


This whole project and all the people that took a part in it made me think more about my future and how I should pursue my dreams. All the activities were so useful and interactive for me. I was so nervous when I arrived because of my “unpracticed” English, but I integrated very well among all the participants and made big connections with them. I learned a lot from a lot of them (about their culture, their work experience) because they were so diverse and more older and experienced than me. All in all, this was one of the biggest experiences in my life and had a big impact. I really hope to participate in more of this type of Erasmus project and I recommend every youth to participate at least one time in their life.


If I should describe this project in one sentence, that would be “the more you know, the more you realize you know too little”, and this is available for the whole project: the people, the country, the topics, and especially for myself. I’ll never forget those moments, those people, and everything I’ve felt being there! Hungary will forever be a milestone in my life because of this project, it will always be the moment when I realised that I am the one that shapes my future. Thanks for everything and I miss you so much!


As this was my second Erasmus project that I participated in abroad, I can say it was definitely a unique and exciting experience. I feel like a lot of information regarding the subject was absorbed and that it was really helpful towards shaping my future. Overall, a great experience with wonderful people, a lot of diversity, and friendliness.


This project and the people I met helped me to plan an idea about the future, to get a better opinion of myself so that I could create better plans for college and more than that to make beautiful and long-term relationships. Thanks to the lessons I had it was much easier for me to understand what I really want to do in the future. In addition, through intercultural evenings, I learned a lot about each country present there. At first, I thought I would not be able to cope because of the level of English I had, but everyone there was very understanding and patient. I can say that this project was and is a very important one for me, it helped me a lot and I want to participate in as many as possible. I recommend everyone to try this wonderful experience.


Being my first Erasmus+ Project abroad I was nervous and excited, but I must admit all of my expectations were fulfilled. The subject of the project was extremely interesting for me, as I wanted to learn how to show and value my strengths. Now I know what an interview is supposed to carry out, what my CV should look like and how to explain my ideas. I feel like I developed skills in this field, but also I did I become more socially active and confident. Even though we live in an internet-connected world and it may seem easy to learn about other cultures and specific topics, nothing compares to a mobility. The experience is unique, as these types of activities and connections can only be made in such a project. Learning from each other experiences is far more useful than just theory, and this way we find out what different countries expect from youth. Very well organized, I felt safe to grow and become a better version of myself and I would recommend anyone to participate in Erasmus activity.


The project „Shape your future” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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