Social Media’s Bogus Dye

We have proposed through this project to raise awareness of the negative effects that the media and social media have on young people, by developing the skills of young people to analyze objectively their own practices of using the Internet and by developing their critical thinking abilities.


The story…

Unfortunately, COVID came… and our chance to implement the project and to meet each other in “real life”, has gone… but this didn’t stop us!  With a little bit of creativity and extra work, we made Zoom our “meeting room” and we made strangers our friends. We didn’t think it possible, but here we are… a bunch of youngsters that have never meet and still… learned from each other, shared experiences, had fun together… and now… miss each other, soooo much!

What have we done?

Our agenda was varied and fun…

Firstly, we met…

Then, we have learned about Erasmus+

… and Youthpass

We have debated about social media!

To see… is it good? Is it bad?

We are still figuring it out…

But, what is important…

is that we’ve learned to be careful!

Media manipulation and fake news

Cyberbulling and other digital dangers

Private and personal information

Online reputation and digital footprint

Were also on our agenda!

Together with intercultural presentations

And Game Nights ?

And we have learned soooo much!

Learned a huge amount of information regarding online platforms and software

We become more cautious regarding what we post on social media

We now understand better how social media works and what effects can have on us in the long run

We learned how to use social media in a more responsible way and how to stay safe online

We are more critical about the information we access on online

We became more open to taking initiative
We destroyed some stereotypes about other cultures
Developed our confidence to public speaking
We became more open to working in teams
Developed brainstorming & teamwork efficiently
We developed our abilities to express differently our thoughts and ideas
We learned how to better communicate with people from other countries and also discovered other cultures
We have learnt about different cultural traditions, mentalities and lifestyles and were able to find something in common

The artists of SOMEBODY!

Buddy, you’re online, make a great footprint
Posting home address, on the Facebook page
You got a hundred friends and a thousand fans
Reposting it and, commentin’

Keep your info private
Keep your info private

Posting on the net and sharing your pet
Can be bad for you and a big mistake
Your phone and address, and your new dress
One-click for you, but forever on the net

Keep your info private
Keep your info private

— Queen – We Will Rock You (SOMEBODY’s style)

Social media can be good,
But at the same time, it could
Be a dangerous place to share
Your information about which you care.
For example, you can meet many people
But how do you know whom you can trust?
To discover stalkers you need eagle eyes
So your privacy settings should you adjust
If you won’t adjust your settings,
You could be a target of a bully
For which you’ll feel anxious and depressed
But you can prevent this – I trust you!
At the same time, don’t be a bully
You won’t feel the same things as the victim
But in time, I assure you –
These feelings will be part of your mind.

— Cyberbulling —

The use of a digital footprint,
Negative consequences can bring
It is the subject of many privacy issues
Strangers can find out your values

It can be used by your employer
You should think about calling a lawyer
The footprint may track your IP address
And one day you will be homeless
Browsing, interactions with others
Strangers on the internet are not your brothers!
What can I do? Good question
Be yourself, be friendly during each session.

— Social Media

Balancing your life
Is not easy
Sometimes you can tip
Too far over
And fall down.
Balance is important
As well as manners
But it is not an easy thing to do
If you’re bad on Facebook.
You have to know when
You’re crossing the line
When you feel like
You’re going over the edge.
In our arrogance, we have named ourselves
People with intelligence
But we compare the rest
Of creatures in existence.
The truth is that we are different
And we should understand
Because if by disgrace we talk
You can’t be considered a man.
We believe in kindness
We believe in you
But most importantly
We think you should too!

— You —

Digital Footprint Journey

Dear traveler in the online environment,

If you are here, it means you want to find out more about how to be safe during your digital journeys. It might took you a while to find this place, but even if you are tired, this is the way you need to follow! Let’s start…

Things are never easy in this life… you need to work, learn, and apply what you learned. In the grid below, the Good Firewall hid 10 words. Once you find them, form a sentence that will provide you the first lesson.

We knew you are the one to become the next Digital Master. The prophecy told us that you will come. You have many friends, my dear fellow. Take their advice and your journey will be safe and easy.

There are many dangers in this world. The bots invaded us and want to steal our data. In order to survive, we need to protect them. Find the hidden words, put them in the right order and you will open new paths for your journey. 

Before continuing with your journey, the Good Firewall left one more lesson for you. Be sure you understand it before going on… if you do not, you will not be able to protect yourself under the darkness of the spider web.

In this world, each stone has something to say. They speak in pairs for protection, and only for the people with a good heart. If you are patient enough, they will open up to you. 

Be careful… on your journey, not all the information will lead you on the good path. Don’t fall into the bots’ trap. Listen to your mind and your heart and you cannot miss the road. 

My dear fellow, I knew you will be the one. Once we are out of the jungle, there is one more step in your journey. But keep in mind, in order to pass it, you need to clean the path. 

This is the last task you need to accomplish to reach your destination. Once you are done, your journey will be ending and you will be ready for new adventures, now more prepared than ever. Good luck, my dear fellow!

Ending words…

The project „Social Media’s Bogus Dye” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Nana - Georgia

I am very happy to meet you, you are all very interesting, lovely, friendly and positive people. The relationship with you was very nice, I got a lot of new things from this project, the chosen topic was very necessary and important, I got a really good experience. I’m sorry that this project ended so soon, but I’m also glad you met. I hope we will continue to communicate again❤️❤️??


Mercan - Turkey

I didn’t expect that I would have fun in my first project but it was a wonderful experience, and thank you to all! I am so happy to meet great people and take part in such a project. I hope we can meet in physical ones too.

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Curtea de Argeș, Romania


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