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What is this?

This is a Volunteering Project supported by the European Solidarity Corps.

In general, ESC projects are an excellent opportunity to help where needed, learn new skills, spend time abroad, maybe learn a language – and definitely come back with unforgettable memories.

You can find out more from the ESC Info-Kit for Participants.

What do we need?

  • Young people who are 18 to 29 years old;
  • Citizens of any European Country, plus Non-EU program countries (Iceland, North MacedoniaTurkeyLiechtenstein) or partner countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway or Serbia);
  • People who are interested in the activities proposed in our volunteering projects (see below); 
  • We need you — a lively young person, who dreams big, ready to flip the world with their actions and fueling their creativity with Euroactive!

In what projects can you be involved in?

As part of our volunteering program, we have 3 projects where you can participate.

Cyber Speak

The volunteers will be primarily involved in teaching language and digital skills to rural youth in the North of Argeș county. This will include developing and delivering lesson plans, assisting with homework, and providing one-on-one support to students. The volunteers will also work closely with local educators and other youth organizations to identify areas where additional support is needed and will help to develop programs and activities that address those needs. In addition to teaching, the volunteers will also be involved in organizing events and activities, such as cultural exchanges and digital workshops, that promote the European Union and its values, all in English language, giving youth a great opportunity to practice their communication skills. Overall, the volunteers will play an active role in supporting the development of the young people in the community and will be an important resource for the local educators and youth organizations working to support them.

Some examples of specific tasks that volunteers could carry out as part of the activity:

  • Facilitating language classes for youth, including teaching grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills in the target language.
  • Assisting with homework and providing additional support for students who are struggling with speaking a foreign language.
  • Organizing language exchange activities with local youth to provide opportunities for them to practice speaking in an international language.
  • Developing and leading digital literacy workshops to teach youth how to use computers and the internet effectively.
  • Helping youth create digital portfolios to showcase their language and digital skills.
  • Collaborating with local teachers and educators to integrate language and digital skills into the existing curriculum.
  • Organizing extracurricular activities such as language-themed games, movies, and cultural events to supplement language instruction.
  • Creating and updating materials and activities that align with the youth center’s objectives.
COOLtivating Fest

The tasks that the volunteers will typically carry out as part of this activity include assisting with the organization and coordination of the events, such as helping to set up and take down the event venues, and assisting with registration and other logistical tasks. They will also have the opportunity to take on more active roles in the events, such as serving as cultural ambassadors and facilitators for international participants. Additionally, the volunteers will be closely involved in the planning and implementation of the events, working closely with the local organizing team and community members to ensure that the events are inclusive and accessible to all participants. Their role will be vital in creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere and making sure that the events are a success. These are some examples of volunteer activities:

  • Participating in the planning and organization of local and cultural events.
  • Assisting with the setup and running of the events, including setting up tables, chairs, and other equipment, and helping to decorate the event space.
  • Supporting the people leading the events, such as helping with materials, providing translation assistance, and assisting with the coordination of the event schedule.
  • Acting as ambassadors for the event, engaging with the local community, and representing the organization to visitors, sponsors and other stakeholders.
  • Documenting the events through photography, videos and social media content creation.
  • Participating in cultural exchange activities with the local community.
  • Helping to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants during the events, and reporting any issues that arise to the event organizer.
  • Reflecting on their experiences and sharing their learning with other volunteers, local community and the hosting organization.
Euro Eco Trails

The volunteers will typically carry out a variety of tasks related to promoting environmental sustainability and cultural preservation in the North of Argeș county.

These tasks will include:

  • Organizing and participating in nature cleaning actions, such as picking up litter, cleaning up hiking trails, and removing invasive species from local parks and natural areas.
  • Developing and maintaining eco-trails, including tasks such as building and repairing trail infrastructure, creating and installing trail markers, providing trail maintenance, and developing educational materials for visitors.
  • Assisting with the restoration of natural and cultural heritage.
  • Engaging with the local community to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of preserving cultural heritage through educational workshops and events, collecting data and feedback, and collaborating with local organizations.
  • Participating in tree planting and habitat restoration projects to improve local biodiversity.
  • Supporting local initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Documenting the activities through photography, videos and social media content creation.

Other activities you will be involved in

In addition to their main responsibilities, the volunteers will collaborate with the staff in the organization’s regular management activities. These will include:

  • Contributing to the communication activities of our association.
  • Participating in the preparation of materials needed for each activity.
  • Engaging with the community to gather feedback and suggestions.
  • Assisting in the management and updating of databases and records related to the activities.
  • Leading ice-breaking games and brief sessions during thematic workshops.
  • Participating in the assessment of the impact and overall evaluation of each activity.
  • Creating content for our social media channels and website.
  • Participating in team meetings and contributing to the planning of future activities.
  • Maintaining, improving, and modernizing the AREA42 Youth Center.

Other information that will probably interest you 🙂

How long will the project take?

The duration of the volunteering service can vary depending on the activity, the NGO capacity and the volunteer availability. You can choose from one of the following options:

  • Short-Term – 2 months
  • Long-Term – 3 to 12 months
Is there any financial support?

The organization will cover the arrival and departure costs of the participant to/from the volunteering according with the Erasmus+ Distance Calculator and based on the real travel expenses and provided documents and invoices related to travel (travel tickets, boarding passes, invoices, etc.).

The Erasmus+ Distance Calculator measure the travel distance from the participants place of origin to the venue of the activity and return. The applicable rates are:

Band Distance Maximum amount NOT-GREEN travel Maximum amount GREEN travel[1]
0 – 99 KM 23 EURO 23 EURO
100 – 499 KM 180 EURO 210 EURO
500 – 1999 KM 275 EURO 320 EURO
2000 – 2999 KM 360 EURO 410 EURO
3000 – 3999 KM 530 EURO 610 EURO

If necessary, the organization will cover the visa fee of the participant up to the amount of 80 EUR (for short-term) and 120 EUR (for long-term).

The organization will provide directly, and/or by direct payments the equivalent of 5 EUR per day, converted into local currency based on Info Euro calculator on the date of the payment, for the costs of food and other living expenses of the participant.

Also, the organization will provide the full allowance of 4 EUR per day as a pocket money for the participant.

[1]        Are considered GREEN TRAVEL sustainable means of transport that use low-emissions means of transport for the main part of the travel, such us as bus, train or car-sharing.

Where will the activities take place?

Office work will be done in the AREA42 Youth Center of Euroactive NGO in Volunteers Quarters at the following address: Street Vlad Țepeș, no. 20, village Mustățesti, com. Valea Iașului, county Argeș, postal code: 117801.

Practical sessions will be implemented in the house and facilities of AREA42 Youth Center and other locations based on the structure of the activities and the target group’s needs.

Where will I be accommodated during the project?

The organization will ensure the volunteer accommodation in double rooms. Each volunteer will have individual beds and auxiliary furniture as well as a shared bathroom, kitchen, workspaces, terrace, garden, and other common facilities (to be shared with other volunteers).

Will I receive any language support?

The official language of the project is English, so it is recommended to be able to speak and communicate in English.

Nevertheless, during the service, the volunteers will attend Romanian language lessons for 1.5 hours per week. Also, the volunteer will enroll in Duolingo Romanian Classes, with the responsibility of completing one Unit per week.

Do I need to get an insurance?

As part of the program, if possible, the volunteer has the obligation of obtaining the European Health Insurance Card, if free of charge, before arriving in the host country.

Also, we will register you for the European Solidarity Corps insurance scheme. You can check the Insurance Plan here.

What other responsibilities do I have?

Depending on your situation (service period, activity, etc.), you will have to participate in one or more of the following activities organised by the Romanian National Agency:

  • pre-departure training
  • on-arrival training
  • mid-term evaluation
  • the annual event

And, of course, you will have to act in accordance with the Ethical Guidelines and the House Rules set up in the Volunteers Guidebook and to ensure a safe, respectful, and collaborative living environment for all volunteers. We’ll discuss more about this during the selection process.

If you want to get involved, fill the application form below and come in our team!

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