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4 – 13 September 2021 – Szentendre, Hungary

SYVELI - Youth Exchange

The Story Behind the Project

Have you ever heard about the Phenomenon of Brain Drain?

After observing the fact that a lot of younsgters leave our country to sattle, mostly in western directions, for a better living, and facing problems regarding the so-called brain drain phenomenon, it was necessary to implement such a project, a youth exchange meant to the topic of socio-economical migration and hand-in-hand brain drain. The latest is defined as the migration of health personnel in search of a better standard of living and quality of life, higher salaries, access to advanced technology, and more stable political conditions in different places worldwide.

Our Objectives

The main aim of this project was to raise the awareness of the participants regarding new job opportunities in the European labor market and how the brain drain affects the European social fabric.

Not only did we want to promote the values of social inclusion, tolerance, freedom of expression, and intercultural dialogue and support the participants to be more active in their local community, but also did we feel the need to inspire the youngsters in order to boost their confidence and improve all the soft skills necessary to become a successful European citizen.

Project Results


During 4th-13th of September, I took part in a Youth Exchange in Szentendre, Hungary, called ”Share your values and experiences locally and internationally”. There were involved 5 countries, including Romania, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, and Italy. The sending NGO from Romania was Euroactive. The topic of this project was about a social problem, brain drain, how to improve ourselves, and being more tolerant with others. Thus, we learned plentiful of things such as what is brain drain, inclusion, segregation, exclusion and integration, the difference between acceptance and tolerance, public speaking as well as team-building, and how to deal with stereotypes and prejudices.

I consider that it was an amazing opportunity due to the fact that we had many activities to do. Some of them helped us to develop our creativity by imagining a Land where there is no brain drain, others were interactive, as we had to participate in a multicultural night in which each country held a presentation about its culture. Furthermore, we had outdoor activities similar to energizers, interviewing locals about brain drain, and even a traveling day to Budapest, which was the same as calming as challenging to manage without the Internet and doing the tasks we must have done. I also enjoyed the possibility of organizing a workshop about laugh therapy, which ended well and some of the people wanted more activities related to this subject, especially the fact that it was my first workshop that I led. Personally speaking, I would strongly recommend taking part in a Youth Exchange, especially if you are interested to learn more about a certain theme, the social ones are for everyone, in my opinion.


The project „SYVELI – Share your values and experiences locally and internationally” was financed with the support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ Programme. This blog reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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